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Terms & Conditions

Tutoring results are not guaranteed.  All teachers are certified in their grade levels and were verified to work in the Lacey School District.  This site or it's services provided are in no way affiliated with the Lacey School District.  This site is a platform to secure private tutoring, remediation, and enrichment services by names you trust.  All teachers are acting as independent contractors in their tutoring services.  You may not book a tutoring session with a teacher that  your child is enrolled with for the current school year.


Tutoring rates are paid upon reservation and are final.  The more information/materials that can be provided, the more focused the tutoring session can be. A zoom link will be sent for the time reserved.  All sales are final.  Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance and will not result in a refund, but a rescheduling of the session to be made between the tutor and client.

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